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By Q. David Bowers, Founder

The following article was taken from Q. David Bowers’ More Adventures with Rare Coins, where it was featured as Adventure No. 43.

The U.S.S. Monitor

The U.S.S. Monitor, a low-profile ironclad ship with a rotating gun turret, was launched at Greenpoint, New York, on January 30, 1862. Humorously referred to as a “cheesebox on a raft” by some observers, the vessel was 178 feet long and had a beam of 411/2 feet. On the deck was mounted a cylindrical turret of eight-inch armor plate. 
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By Brad Ciociola, Currency Specialist

Several prominent Union Civil War generals are featured on United States Treasury Notes from the series of 1890 and 1891. Our latest edition of "Better Know Your Notes" looks at the portrait seen on the $5 denomination — General George H. Thomas. 

By Frank Van Valen, Numismatist & Cataloger, U.S. Coins

Charles Sumner (January 6, 1811-March 11, 1874) was born in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard College in 1830, then from Harvard Law School in 1834. By 1845, after travels throughout Europe and France in particular, Sumner found himself drawn to the Abolitionist cause back home in America. Known far and wide as a great orator, his attacks on slavery were well known and gained him numerous enemies.