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By Brad Ciociola, Currency Specialist

Welcome to the latest edition of “Better Know Your Notes.” This week we get to know Michael Hillegas, whose portrait appears on series 1907 and 1922 $10 Gold Certificates.

Michael Hillegas was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1729, to Margaret Schibenstock and George Michael Hillegas. 

By Matt Quinn, Assistant Director of Currency

Small-size Gold Certificates have been quite popular with collectors as of late even though there is virtually a single series date available. These notes, payable in gold coin, are observed with 1928, 1928A and 1934 Series dates although the latter two were not issued. The abrupt halt of the use of gold in any form as money was brought about when Executive Order 6102 was passed on April 5, 1933. This prohibited the holding of gold, gold coins and Gold Certificates, making only small exceptions for collector coins and jewelry. The Gold Reserve Act of January 1934 raised the gold bullion price to $35 from $20.67 and more effectively ended the use of gold as money.