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By Q. David Bowers, Co-Founder

​Among the most interesting of all early American issues are the copper tokens struck circa 1737-1739 by Dr. Samuel Higley, of Granby, Connecticut. Higley, a medical doctor with a degree from Yale College, also practiced blacksmithing and performed many experiments involving metallurgy. In 1827 he devised a practical method for producing steel.​

By Brad Ciociola, Currency Specialist

​One of the fascinating notes we have encountered while cataloging the incredible D. Brent Pogue Collection of United States Paper Money is a Fr.223 1891 $1 “Martha Washington” Silver Certificate that was courtesy autographed by United States Treasurer Daniel Nash Morgan and presented by him to famed currency collector Albert A. Grinnell.

By Q. David Bowers, Founder

The panorama of American numismatics has many landmarks. One of the first was the establishment of the Mint Cabinet in July 1838—setting the foundation for what is the core of the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution today.

By Q. David Bowers, Founder

It is not often that we offer a Proof “restrike” Draped Bust dollar. When we do, as with the D. Brent Pogue Collection coin coming up for sale on March 31, it is a special occasion.

Proof-65 RD (PCGS) Finest of Four Known

​By Q. David Bowers, Founder

This marvelous 1852 half cent is another treasure from the D. Brent Pogue Collection. It will cross the auction block at our sale at the historic Evergreen Museum & Library in Baltimore on Friday evening, March 31.

By Q. David Bowers, Founder

Ex Hines, Sheldon, Holmes, Sheldon Plate Coin

When you contemplate that this 1804 cent, the rarest (by far) date among 19th century copper cents, is Choice Mint State and is the finest seen by PCGS, you know that a special event will be taking place!

The John W. Adams Specimen, Finest by Far

By Q. David Bowers, Founder

Among American coin specialties that attract many enthusiasts who enjoy the field for years, large copper cents are in the front rank. Early American Coppers, Inc., abbreviated EAC, is the meeting place. Founded in the 1960s, the organization is like a private club—with gatherings and other events—except that anyone can join. Most of the leading members today are people I knew 10 or 20 years ago.

By Q. David Bowers, Founder

Statement of fact: The most popular American series to collect by die varieties is copper cents from 1793 to 1857.

Statement of fact: The most famous single coin in large cent lore and tradition is the Henry Hines 1799 cent, the only known Mint State example.