A Rare 1922-D Lincoln Cent Offered in Stack's Bowers November 2019 Auction.

​From a mintage of 7,160,000 comes the 1922-D Lincoln Wheat Cent. This coin is common and easy to find. However, the condition and color combination make this coin worth thousands. Only 15 coins have been graded MS-66 at PCGS, and only 2 coins have been graded higher (MS-66+RD) making this a truly rare and exceptional piece. This piece is making its appearance in the 2019 November Collectors Choice Online Auction.

The video is transcribed here:

"Hi Chris Ortega here, Numismatist and Auctioneer with Stack's Bowers Galleries. Here we have one of our highlight coins for the upcoming 2019 November Collectors Choice Online Auction. This is our Lot #92030, a handsome superb gem 1922-D Lincoln Cent in MS-66 Red. The surfaces yield a smooth satin finish and the strike is exceptional. Lincoln's portrait and all design elements exhibit impeccable detail. This is a fully lustrous example with an amazing cartwheel effect. Due to the economic recession after World War I only the Denver Mint struck Lincoln Cents in 1922. This is a semi-key date issue with only 7,160,000 struck. Mint State coins with full red surfaces are not overly rare. However, exampled with superior strike and characteristics, such as this one, are exceptional. This is considered a condition rarity. With a PCGS population of only 15 graded in MS-66 Red, and only 2 graded higher at MS-66+. Bidding is now open for the 2019 November Collectors Choice Online Auction. And once again, this is our Lot #92030."

1922 Denver Wheat CentKey Date Mint State 1922-D Lincoln Wheat Cent

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