Advice to protect you in a currency reset. PMs are Currency Insurance.

I am not a financial advisor. I am merely providing this info for you to use this as you wish.

This is about currency insurance using precious metals that have been money since 3200 BC (about 5000 years). This is not about speculating on crypto currencies which have been around maybe 8 years.

Generally only a few things will save you in a currency reset: having your own garden to grow vegetables, growing animals for protein, and most importantly precious metals. 

It takes 1500 troy ounces of silver coins ($27k) to have the equivalent of 20 troy ounces of gold coins.  1500 troy ounces of silver is 102.85 pounds and 20 troy ounces of gold is only 1.37 pounds. 

Gold is therefore more compact and easily transportable. Gold has proven to hold its value over silver much better over long periods of time. Link to video: https://youtu.be/vbeOHhfQsNs​​
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