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So you have considered selling your coins with Stack's Bowers Galleries, but you want to make sure you know how the process works first. We don't blame you! This video will show you the ins and outs of selling through our trusted Auction House​​

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We have here a lovely 1927-S $20 Gold Piece, certified as an MS-64 by none other than NGC, formerly based in Parsnipity, New Jersey, now in Sarasota, Florida. This is a lovely example, rich lustrous gold surfaces, nicely struck, superb eye appeal, and a lovely example well worth looking at, contemplating, and then if you're a double eagle specialist, bidding on. I think it is conservatively graded.

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​Lot 7197 of the E. Horatio Morgan Collection of Half Dollars, the 1838-O Half Dollar. It is one of the most famous rarities in all of numismatics. These were actually struck in 1839 in two separate batches: the first one on the dollar press that the Coiner Rufus Tyler was able to modify, and the second batch on the half dollar press that they were intended for. There are 9 known examples today.

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​From a mintage of 7,160,000 comes the 1922-D Lincoln Wheat Cent. This coin is common and easy to find. However, the condition and color combination make this coin worth thousands. Only 15 coins have been graded MS-66 at PCGS, and only 2 coins have been graded higher (MS-66+RD) making this a truly rare and exceptional piece. This piece is making its appearance in the 2019 November Collectors Choice Online Auction.​​

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Just five are thought to be in private hands. Only four have been publicly identified in the modern era. Just three have been sold at auction in recorded numismatic history. One of those (the LaRiviere specimen) last sold in 1999. The other two last sold in 2014 (the Dreyfuss-Wharton specimen) and May 2019 (the newly discovered Carb specimen). This example, acquired by our consignor in 1983 from "out of the woodwork," has never before been offered at public auction.

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​This is a 1796 Half Dollar. It's part of the Small Eagle sub-type of Draped Bust Half Dollars. This particular one is a beautiful problem-free example with lilac gray toning on both sides. It actually comes to us from a few significant collections, including the James A. Stack Collection and most recently our sale of January 1989.

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​The Bronze 1943 Lincoln cent is perhaps the most famous Mint Error to ever emerge from the United States Mint. Just about 20 distinct examples are known from the Philadelphia Mint and they are highly prized at all grade levels. When the U.S. mints switched to zinc-coated steel planchets in 1943, it is supposed that a small quantity of bronze planchets from 1942 were somehow caught up in the folds of the delivery carts. These blank planchets worked their way loose and were fed through the presses along with the new steel cent planchets, creating this famous rarity.

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