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1853-O Liberty Head Eagle. AU-58 (NGC).

Price $6,800.00

1853-O Liberty Head Eagle. AU-58 (NGC).
This is an exceptional example that will appeal to advanced Liberty Head and Southern gold collectors alike. A lustrous, satiny survivor with a superior strike for an 1850s New Orleans eagle. Evenly toned in lovely golden-wheat patina, with remarkable surface quality and eye appeal.
With a mintage of 51,000 coins, the 1853-O is the third most plentiful issue in the New Orleans Mint eagle series behind the 1847-O and 1851-O. However, the vast majority of survivors are concentrated at the VF and EF grade levels, often with surfaces problems. This issue is a major rarity in Mint State, and even Choice AU survivors, as here, are very scarce and seldom encountered in today's market. Indeed, this is one of the finest 1853-O eagles we have handled in recent memory. With only 10 graded finer by NGC, it is sure to catch the eye of seasoned numismatists.
PCGS# 8612. NGC ID: 263F.
NGC Census: 53; 10 finer.