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1834 Classic Head Half Eagle. HM-1. Rarity-3. Plain 4. MS-63+ (PCGS).

Price $12,500.00

Superior Choice Mint State 1834 Classic Head $5
MS-63+ (PCGS)

1834 Classic Head Half Eagle. HM-1. Rarity-3. Plain 4. MS-63+ (PCGS).
A remarkable survivor of this inaugural issue with exceptional eye appeal and surface quality. The fields are lightly reflective in most areas, framing satiny devices most dramatically on the reverse. Nicely struck with thin die cracks connecting the obverse stars and rich honey-gold color in the protected areas. Very attractive.
The weight of the half eagle was reduced from 8.75 grams to 8.36 grams by the Act of June 28, 1834, which was intended to discourage the hoarding of the denomination that had increased in recent years. The weight change was marked by the introduction of William Kneass' Classic Head design, which would remain current only through 1838. Scarce in all Mint State grades due to the brevity of the series, most Classic Head half eagles obtained for high grade type purposes are examples of the first year 1834 issue of the Plain 4 date logotype. Yet although minted in large quantities, the absence of numismatic interest at the time meant that few if any examples of the 1834 were deliberately saved by collectors. Today, Choice Mint State examples are very elusive in comparison to the demand from collectors.

PCGS# 8171. NGC ID: 25RR.