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1914 Barber Quarter. Proof-67+ Cameo (PCGS).

Price $9,750.00

Superb Cameo Proof 1914 Barber Quarter
Proof-67+ Cameo (PCGS)

Just 1 Finer at PCGS

1914 Barber Quarter. Proof-67+ Cameo (PCGS).
An angelic Superb Gem Proof with brilliant, platinum-white centers and a glimmer of golden iridescence at the borders. Bottomless and reflective fields frame the richly frosted devices, imparting a considerable Cameo contrast on both sides. Attractive and free from notable marks or handling, this Proof-67+ Cameo (PCGS) example is among the very finest known. Just a single coin has been graded finer by PCGS.
Struck to a tiny quantity of just 380 pieces, the 1914 Barber quarter boasts the lowest Proof mintage of the entire series. Only 340 are thought to survive for today's collectors, with fewer than 125 pieces preserved in Gem Proof condition. This availability is further limited when production quality is taken into account, as very few show the necessary contrast to qualify for a Cameo designation. This piece is a remarkable exception and will surely interest advance specialists of the series.
PCGS# 85700. NGC ID: 242W.
PCGS Population: 2; 1 finer in this category.