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1972 Lincoln Cent. FS-101. Doubled Die Obverse. MS-67+ RD (PCGS). CAC.

Price $10,750.00

Condition Census 1972 Doubled Die Obverse Cent
Just 1 Finer at PCGS

1972 Lincoln Cent. FS-101. Doubled Die Obverse. MS-67+ RD (PCGS). CAC.
Extraordinary and rare Superb Gem quality for this well known Lincoln cent Doubled Die Obverse variety. Handsome peach and tangerine luster flows over surfaces that are both smartly impressed and expertly preserved. At MS-67+, this piece is among the very finest known survivors and just a single coin ranks finer at PCGS. It surely represents a crowning jewel for advanced Registry Set participants.
After only the 1955 Doubled Die Obverse, the 1972 FS-101 is the most famous Doubled Die variety in the entire Lincoln cent series. There are actually several Doubled Die Obverse varieties known for this issue, but FS-101 is by far the most visually dramatic and commands the strongest premium among collectors. The first examples had been confirmed by numismatists by July of 1972, at the latest, with the greatest distributions coming in Indiana and Pennsylvania. By August of that year this variety was so well known that it was already trading on dealer teletypes. The early discovery, widespread publication in the hobby and extensive releases resulted in many Mint State examples being preserved. So many, in fact, that the 1972 FS-101 is readily obtainable in grades up to and including MS-66 RD. However, Superb Gems like the present coin are incredibly rare.

PCGS# 2950.NGC ID: 22GU.

PCGS Population: 6; 1 finer.