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1915 Buffalo Nickel. Proof-67+ (PCGS). CAC.

Price $6,500.00

Magnificent Superb Gem Proof 1915 Nickel
Only 3 Finer at CAC

1915 Buffalo Nickel. Proof-67+ (PCGS). CAC.
This is an amazing Superb Gem Proof that borders on pristine. The pearlescent and satiny surfaces are enhanced by pale golden bronze shades. The strike is 100% full, as befits the method of manufacture, and the eye appeal is outstanding.

The penultimate issue in the early Proof Buffalo nickel series, the Mint struck 1,050 examples of the 1915 for sale to contemporary collectors. The 1915 mirrors the 1914 as one of the best produced and most consistently attractive Proofs of the type. Where the two issues differ is in rarity, for the 1915 is scarcer in an absolute sense and considerably rarer in the highest grades. In fact, only the 1916 is rarer in terms of total number of coins known. Nearly Condition Census for the issue, only 9 coins have been grade finer by PCGS and just 3 rank higher at CAC. This outstanding specimen would do justice to the finest Buffalo nickel collection or Registry Set.

PCGS# 3992.NGC ID: 278U.

PCGS Population: 19; 9 finer.
CAC Population: 36; 3 finer.