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1914-S Lincoln Cent. MS-66 RD (PCGS).

Price $87,500.00

Magnificent Top Pop 1914-S Lincoln Cent
None Finer at PCGS or NGC

1914-S Lincoln Cent. MS-66 RD (PCGS).
It is difficult to overstate the significance of this Gem for advanced Lincoln Cent or 20th Century type collectors. It sits at the very top of the PCGS Population Report, tied with only 3 other coins, while no examples have been graded finer than MS-65 RD by NGC. Out of the 4,137,000 struck for circulation, this piece offers the very pinnacle of preservation. Vibrant red-orange coloration dominates the patina, accented by scattered hints of powder-blue. The fields showcase rich matte-like luster which frame the satiny and untroubled devices. Very attractive and undoubtedly original.
Although often overshadowed by the 1914-D, the 1914-S is a scarce semi-key date Lincoln cent in its own right that is difficult to locate in any Mint State grade. Even in circulated grades such as VF and EF this issue can be a challenge, especially with strong eye appeal. At the present MS-66 RD (PCGS) level, this issue is exceptionally rare and seldom encountered in today's market.

PCGS# 2476.NGC ID: 22BJ.

PCGS Population: 4; none finer.