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1898-O Barber Dime. MS-66 (PCGS). CAC.

Price $6,750.00

Exceptional Gem 1989-O Barber Dime
Only 3 Finer at PCGS
Just 1 Finer at CAC

1898-O Barber Dime. MS-66 (PCGS). CAC.
This is a lustrous snow-white Gem with the faintest hints of champagne irridescence under certain lighting. Satiny in the fields and intensely frosted across the devices, courtesy of die polishing on the obverse. Nearly flawless and very attractive. It ranks among the very finest known from this issue, with only 3 coins listed finer at PCGS and a single example finer at CAC. A truly important opportunity for Registry Set participants.
Barber dime production at the New Orleans Mint ratcheted up considerably in 1898 with a total of 2,130,000 coins struck. Even so, this is a challenging issue to collect that is quite underrated in Mint State. The 1898-O is actually rarer in high grades than the lower mintage 1897-O, 1903-S, 1904-S, 1913-S and 1915-S. It becomes scare in MS-64 and very rare above MS-65.

PCGS# 4816.NGC ID: 23E7.

PCGS Population: 5; 3 finer.
CAC Population: 4; 1 finer.