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1901-S Liberty Head Half Eagle. MS-66+ (NGC). CAC.

Price $6,750.00

Superior Gem 1901-S Half Eagle
Just 5 Finer at CAC

1901-S Liberty Head Half Eagle. MS-66+ (NGC). CAC.
This exquisite Gem exhibits full satin luster enhanced by rich golden-wheat color. The strike is bold and the surfaces are exceptionally well preserved in all regards. This remarkable coin is ranked among the finest examples known, with only 13 finer at NGC and just 5 hgher at CAC.
With a mintage of 3.6 million pieces and a good rate of survival, the 1901-S is the most plentiful Motto Liberty half eagle in today's market in most grades. However, the certified population falls off markedly above MS-65 and the issue emerges as an important condition rarity in MS-66 and finer grades. This rare MS-66+ (NGC) CAC 1901-S represents an important opportunity for stellar-quality gold type collectors and Liberty half eagle specialists alike.

PCGS# 8404.NGC ID: 25YX.

NGC Census: 6; 13 finer.
CAC Population: 32; 5 finer.