1793 Chain Reverse. S-4. Rarity-3+. AMERICA, With Periods. VF-30 BN (NGC).

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Historic 1793 Chain Cent

1793 Chain Reverse. S-4. Rarity-3+. AMERICA, With Periods. VF-30 BN (NGC).
This handsome 1793 Chain cent is warmly and evenly toned in chocolate brown with lighter toning to the high points evident as the surfaces dip into a light. Both sides exhibit a hard satin texture with only a few scattered marks. The reverse definition is impressive in and around the center, with just a bit of weakness at the peripheries. The obverse retains quite bold detail to Liberty's portrait and, as well, the word LIBERTY and the date are sharp. All in all, this is an aesthetically pleasing mid-grade survivor of a historically significant and perennially popular issue.
The distinct Sheldon-4 variety is the only one of the five known for the 1793 Chain cent that displays periods on the obverse after the word LIBERTY and the date. It is the second most frequently encountered variety of the issue (after S-3) and probably accounted for the bulk of the large cents that the Mint delivered from March 8 through 12, 1793. If so, the mintage from these dies may have amounted to as many as 13,758 coins out of the total of 36,103 pieces for the 1793 Chain cent as an issue. Most survivors are not as well defined as the present Choice VF, especially on the obverse, confirming the desirability of this coin for both type and variety purposes.
Possession of a Chain cent, especially one so nice as the present piece, is a mark of distinction for any U.S. cent collector. Though numerous Sheldon-4 Chain cents can be found in a finer grade than that offered here, the vast majority of the issue is impaired and of lesser quality than the present specimen. One would be hard-pressed to find a more lovely Chain cent for the assigned grade.

PCGS# 1341.NGC ID: 223F.

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