1916 Lincoln Cent. Proof-66 RD (PCGS). CAC.

Sold $21,000.00

Top Pop 1916 Matte Proof CentThe Finest RD Seen by PCGS or CAC

1916 Lincoln Cent. Proof-66 RD (PCGS). CAC.
Subtle shades of tangerine and golden-tan glow from the obverse of this Gem, complemented by deeper hints of peach and violet across the right reverse. The prized matte texture remains undisturbed throughout the fields, framing satiny and sharp design elements. This piece is among the very finest known survivors, ranking at the top of the populations at both PCGS and CAC. It simply cannot be improved upon within the Red designation, making it a suitable addition to even the most accomplished cabinet of Lincoln cents.
In many respects the 1916 is the most technically advanced and visually appealing of the early proof Lincoln cent issues. The matte finish is of a more fine grain texture than that seen in the typical proof dated 1911 to 1915, lending greater vibrancy to the coin's surfaces. Additionally, a newly introduced obverse hub imparted even sharper definition to Lincoln's hair and beard in 1916 as compared to that seen in examples of earlier issues.
The reported mintage for the 1916 is 1,050 pieces, making it the lowest mintage of any proof Lincoln cent struck from 1909 to 1916. Survivors are even rarer than this limited total suggests, however, and it is likely that many of the coins struck remained in the Mint until they were melted as unsold. While the 1916 is the final official issue from this series, a few Proof 1917 cents are reported to exist but remain a matter of debate among numismatic scholars.

PCGS# 3326.NGC ID: 22KZ.

PCGS Population: 5; none finer.
CAC Population: 2; none finer.

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