1872 Liberty Seated Quarter. Proof-67+ (PCGS). CAC.

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Top Pop Proof 1872 Liberty Seated Quarter
None Finer at PCGS or CAC

1872 Liberty Seated Quarter. Proof-67+ (PCGS). CAC.
As beautiful as it is pristine, this Superb Gem Proof is absolutely captivating to examine in-hand. The fields are icy and reflective on both sides, offering considerable contrast with the more frosty devices. The surfaces are bathed in a subtle vanilla patina, with vibrant swaths of sapphire and golden-bronze iridescence glowing at the right borders. Sharply struck and entirely untouched, it sits at the top of the populations at both PCGS and CAC within this category.
With just 950 struck and only an estimated 650 survivors, the 1872 quarter is scarce in all grades. With many examples showing hairlines and other signs of mishandling, this issue is generally found in grades of Proof-64 and lower. The present Proof-67+ offers the closest thing to perfection available to today's collectors and would serve as the crowning jewel in a 19th century type set.
PCGS# 5571. NGC ID: 23X5.
PCGS Population: 3; none finer in this category.
CAC Population: 2; none finer in this category.

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