1916-S Lincoln Cent. MS-66 RB (PCGS). CAC.

Sold $4,650.00

Incredible Gem 1916-S Lincoln Cent
The Sole Finest RB at PCGS and CAC

1916-S Lincoln Cent. MS-66 RB (PCGS). CAC.
A stunning Gem with golden-bronze shades that dominate the centers and hints of warm honey patina near the borders. The surfaces remain virtually untouched and gleam with uniform matte-like luster. One of the very finest from a mintage of 22,510,000 pieces, the typical survivor of which is well worn from years spent in circulation. Among Mint State examples, streaky planchets and/or subdued luster are the norm, which further emphasizes the significance of this superior quality Gem. While perhaps about 150 or so coins survivor at the Gem Red Brown level, this piece ranks as the sole finest of this elusive group graded by PCGS. It is also the sole finest approved by CAC across all services and color designations.

PCGS# 2493.NGC ID: 22BR.

PCGS Population Report: 1; none finer
CAC Population Report: 1; none finer.

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